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Here at Sandbach Garden Services, we use cookies to make our website as easy as possible for you to use.  If you use our site then you have agreed to the use of these cookies – if you don’t, please stop using the site and use our contact details to get in touch.

Please ensure that you read our Privacy Policy that covers the use of cookies.

What Are Cookies?

Although it sounds like a strange name for something that is used over the internet, but its simply a small text file that gets downloaded to your PC, Laptop or Smartphone whilst you use the internet.

Cookies generally come in two forms:

  1. Session Cookies:  These cookies are present only whilst you are on a website and and are used for letting a site know you are the same person as you browse the same site.
  2. Persistent Cookies:  These cookies are set to stay on your device for a certain amount of time and are generally used by sites to remember you when you next visit.

Cookies come from different sites – some could be hosted and set by Sandbach Garden Services whilst others are set and hosted by third party sites (advertising, social media sites etc).

There is no need to worry about the safety of your devices from the use of cookies as they are NOT a virus, malware or any kind of malicious file and they cannot see any files on your computer either.

Sandbach Garden Services & Cookies We Use

There are four reasons for us using cookies (although not all will apply at all times on this site):

  1. Essential Cookies
  2. Analytical Performance Cookies
  3. Functional Cookies
  4. Advertising Cookies

Essential Cookies

Without the use of essential cookies our site would not be able to recognise users who have accounts with us and those who do not for example.  These cookies help with the overall running of this website.

Analytical Performance Cookies

These cookies collect information about how our site is used.  For example, we want to know which pages people viewed, how long they stayed on the site and which page they left from.  All this information helps us develop our site to enhance our users experience.

Performance cookie information does not identify individuals.

Functional Cookies

Functional cookies allow the website to remember any choices you have made on the website.  These could include:

  • if you have been asked to fill in a survey/form etc
  • letting users have the ability to share content via social networks

Advertising Cookies

Advertising cookies are used to deliver adverts that are more relevant to you and your interests and can be based on your previous browsing history.

Advertising cookies collect information anonymously and it is not linked to you as a person, even if you have logged in to our website.

Managing Cookies

You are always in control of your cookies and have the ability to remove any cookies already stored on your computer.  You can change your settings at anytime to change your preferences on cookie usage – be aware that this could prevent you from using certain parts of our site.

The following links give you the relevant help sections for the major web browsers and explain how you can manage/change your cookies:


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Further Information Regarding Cookies

Further information about cookies can be found on the following websites:

All About Cookies
Your Online Choices
Information Comissioners Office
Direct Marketing Association
Microsoft Cookies Guide

Consent For Cookie Usage

By using our site you agree to cookies being used.  Of course these do not override your own settings but you may find certain areas of the site do not work and your user experience could be effected.